Saying hi as un-awkwardly as possible

Photo of awkward woman. Meltdown STL - welcome to the blog!Writing your first post is always a little odd. It’s like being a transplant in a new area, introducing yourself and seeking out friends among an audience who hasn’t seen or heard of you before. This hypothetical scenario is like being an attendee at a networking event geared towards digitally savvy young professionals—everyone’s mingling away, and you aren’t quite sure what to say that doesn’t reek of giving off a sense of being over-eager. Fortunately, there’s a way to escape this pitfall: when you bring up a topic that finds common ground, such as discussing the things you like to eat, drink, and do.

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Here at TheMeltdown STL, we’re a group of locals to this great city of St. Louis that we call home, and we want to share our thoughts with you! We welcome both long timers and transplants alike to join our journey as we explore different neighborhoods and the places that make up them. We’ll be reviewing local places, telling stories, sharing news and other interesting things, and anything that comes to mind that can relate to a St. Louis themed blog…especially if it involves cheese.

Thanks for stopping by, and look forward to more posts soon!